2014 Ivey award for ORDINARY DAYS by Adam Gwon

OD Lobby

According to Ivey evaluators, this production was “simply stellar,” with “spot-on” musical and stage direction, and a cast with “vocal chops to die for”. In this frenzied world with a bombardment of sensory stimulation, to see a production that keeps an audience attentive and appreciative in a tiny space with minimal tech is remarkable. One evaluator said it best – “I honestly cannot imagine a better cast or a more satisfying theatrical experience”.  For overall excellence, Ivey Award recognition goes to Nautilus Music-Theater for their production of ORDINARY DAYS.

2009 Ivey award for SISTER STORIES by various artists

11 Lobby display SS

Tonight’s first honorees inspired a Beatles-like hysteria from our evaluators. The Baldwin sisters  are consistently amazing. Their acting and singing were mesmerizing. Just to see them perform was worth the price of admission. Such magical voices — and they can act, too! Christina’s talent is unsurpassed, and her voice sublime. Jennifer Baldwin-Peden is a chameleon as an actor — her voice is powerful and lyric and thrilling. They validate the experience of every sister who has ever loved their sister, with every bit of frustration, anger, and pettiness that goes with it — it was a privilege to witness this powerful tour de force. For their mesmerizing performance in Nautilus Music-Theater’s SISTER STORIES, Ivey Award Recognition goes to Christina Baldwin and Jennifer Baldwin-Peden!

2006 Ivey award for I AM ANNE FRANK by Enid Futterman and Michael Cohen

11 Lobby display AF

Known for their astonishing story telling ability and unique approach to “music-theater”, our next honoree has created a fascinating and important body of work for over twenty years, greatly contributing to the quality and diversity of new American theater. Their music-drama based on the diaries of Anne Frank combines excerpts from Anne’s diary with songs that reveal her inner life. The impressive artistic contributions of the talented cast, combined with the matchless vision of artistic director Ben Krywosz and musical director Mindy Eschedor, made I AM ANNE FRANK, by Nautilus Music-Theater, a stunning collaboration of fine acting, sharp stage direction, effective lighting, and gorgeous music. For its wonderful blend of music and acting, and the innovative way of telling an important story, the Ameriprise Financial Ivey Award is presented to I AM ANNE FRANK.


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